3 Things You Should Be Taking on Spring Break (That You Might Not Think Of!)

22 Mar 3 Things You Should Be Taking on Spring Break (That You Might Not Think Of!)

1. Snacksthings you should be taking on spring break

There’s nothing like traveling to give the kids “boredom hunger”.  This might be the simplest thing you should be taking on spring break!  Whether you’re driving in the car or flying, it’s always a good idea to have healthy snacks on board!  Your trip is sure to be filled with lots of junk food and cheeseburgers, so try and cut back by pre-packing healthy snacks. Not only will this help keep your trip healthy and give you and your family more energy, but it will also save you money! Impulse buying snacks on the go can get very pricey, especially in the airport.  Not sure what kinds of snacks are best to pack? Dr. Susan Sheinkop suggests packing snacks such as raisins, almonds, cheese sticks, and clementines. Aside from being easy to pack up and take anywhere, she stresses that these snacks are packed with nutrients and taste great too!


2. Long-Sleeve Clothingthings you should be taking on spring break

If you’re heading to the tropics, taking clothing that covers your child’s skin may not have ever crossed your mind; however, this is highly important! Being able to protect their skin from the intensity of the sun is vital, and having long sleeved shirts and breezy long pants in their suitcase will be a lifesaver, especially if they get sunburned.  This goes for you too mom and dad!


3.First Aid Kit

If packing a first aid kit isn’t on your list it should be! There is nothing worse than being in a strange place and not knowing where to find first aid help! Making sure that you have those emergency supplies in your beach bag or back pack will make a world of difference if there is an accident or emergency.  “Bandages, antibiotic ointment, anti-itch cream or 1% hydrocortisone, and wipes to things you should be taking on spring breakclean cuts and scrapes are always good to have handy”, advises Dr. Sheinkop.  “I’d also highly encourage you to have bandages specifically for blisters! Spring break often means brand new shoes and lots of walking”, she goes on to add.  Having the supplies if your child cuts their foot on the beach, develops a blister, etc. could be the difference between a small play break and a total day ruiner!

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