How To Keep Your Baby Warm Enough In The Winter

12 Nov How To Keep Your Baby Warm Enough In The Winter

photo-of-woman-holding-her-baby-853411How To Keep Your Baby Warm Enough In The Winter

It’s that time of year again. While it may not be officially considered winter yet, the snowfall has begun and temperatures are quickly plummeting. Luckily, we’ve got a list that will help keep your baby warm throughout their first holiday season.

  • One word: Layers. One of the simplest steps you can take to ensure that your baby is kept warm enough is dressing him/her in layers. Consider covering a T-Shirt with a sweatshirt and a jacket on top. You can even consider covering a pair of tighter-fitting pants with an additional pair of loose ones.
  • Keep your baby’s warmth in mind while traveling. Always be sure to warm up your car for a bit before taking off. One precaution that often goes overlooked is removing your baby’s coat prior to car travel. In an accident, the puffy coat can allow room in between your child and the car seat strap, for your child to slip and/or become injured. Because of this, it may be a safer option to remove your baby’s coat once your car is heated up, then strap him/her into the car seat, and lay a blanket over the car seat straps.
  • If you do use a stroller, take precautions. Don’t cover the stroller with heavy blankets, jackets, or tight-fitted items. When shopping for a stroller, some brands also have covers you can purchase that have been specifically designed for that stroller. Make sure your baby’s head, hands, and feet are covered, and if you can walk against the direction of the wind.
  • When you’re indoors, be wary of space heaters! They may be nice for you, but make sure your baby is always a safe distance away from them. Just because the heat does not feel too hot for you does not mean it isn’t too hot for a baby’s skin. For safety, be sure to also keep all furniture, blankets, and other items far from the space heater, and never plug them into extension cords.
  • Know the signs that your baby is too cold. If your baby’s skin begins to redden or they start to shiver, avoid rubbing the skin in an attempt to warm it. This could cause further damage. Instead, dab the skin with warm washcloths and then change your baby into clean and warm clothes.
  • On the other hand, make sure your baby does not overheat. When taking all these steps to keep them warm, continue to not only lookout for signs that they are still too cold, but also for signs that they are actually too hot. Look out for your baby’s skin turning red and clammy and sudden rashes on your baby’s body. These may be signs of overheating.
  • If you notice more severe symptoms, such as if your baby is acting lethargic, is not responding as usual, or if his/her lips or fingers are turning blue, seek medical attention.


In addition to keeping your baby warm, don’t forget that their skin is still just as sensitive in the winter. It is a good idea to continue to apply sunscreen every day, and make sure to moisturize their skin regularly (with fragrance-free baby moisturizer), especially after bathing or exposure to the cold.


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