Advice on Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak

13 Mar Advice on Travel During the Coronavirus Outbreak

By: Dr. Ruben Rucoba

We’ve received a lot of calls from our patients about what to do about travel plans, especially with spring breaks upon us. Please keep in mind that this is a fluid situation, and things are changing on a daily basis. But these are our recommendations as of today: 


  1. First, please re-evaluate any travel plans you have. Although the virus causes mild illness in children, they can then pass the infection on to older adults or those with underlying health problems who then may have severe complications.
  2. For the most up-to-date guidance, see the CDC website about travel as it pertains to coronavirus:
  3. Based on CDC recommendations, we strongly discourage travel to the areas currently listed as Level 3 (highest risk) areas: China, South Korea, Iran, and most of Europe. Please be aware this list will probably change in the coming days and weeks.
  4. We also strongly discourage cruises, as that is also a recommendation of the CDC.
  5. Along with other health agencies and organizations, we discourage attending events with large crowds of people: museums, concerts, festivals. As you’ve seen, many of these events and venues are being canceled or closed across the country.
  6. Be cautious with air travel. If you have an alternate way to travel, consider that. If not, be sure to bring some disinfectant wipes and clean the armrests, seat belt buckle, and tray table when you fly. Use hand sanitizer (at least 60% alcohol) frequently while on the plane.
  7. If you are traveling or staying home, make sure to practice good hand hygiene frequently throughout the day for both you and your children (wash hands with soap and water for 20 seconds or use sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol). That is one key to staying healthy.


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