26 May A Guide to Practicing Mindfulness

By: Jordan Kaufman Did you know that all it takes to practice mindfulness is a few minutes a day, an open mind, and a dedication to incorporating self-care in your daily routine? This week, Jordan Kaufman, daughter of Dr. Jonathan Kaufman from Pediatric Associates of Barrington...

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15 May Asthma + Allergies. What’s the link?

By: Catherine Pierroti, DNP, RN, CBC, CPNP-PC Springtime brings more sunshine, outdoor games/playing, and blooming flowers but also means more environmental allergen exposure that can flare up your child’s asthma and allergies. How are Asthma and Allergies related? Both are allergic (atopic) diseases, and often coexist. Children with...

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29 Apr Autism and COVID-19: Tips for Parents

While this time of sheltering-at-home can be difficult for all of us, it presents special challenges for families with children or teens with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). With shelter-at-home rules in place, many of our patients with ASD are not receiving their specialized services, such...

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