17 Mar Addressing Mental Health During COVID-19

By: Shauna Freedman, Psy.D. During this unprecedented time, it is important to keep in mind ways to address your child’s mental health needs. As Social Distancing temporarily becomes the new norm, rates of depression, anxiety, and behavioral issues may increase, especially if your child has previous...

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16 Mar Social Distancing, What Does It Mean?

By: Dr. Susan Sirota At this unprecedented time when the coronavirus pandemic has forced school closures and total social disruption, many families are asking us what they can and can’t do. What does “social distancing actually mean? You may have heard the phrase “flattening the curve,” but...

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26 Feb Coronavirus In The U.S. – An Update

By Dr. Ruben Rucoba Recently, the CDC and other health experts suggested that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis may worsen, with some expecting larger outbreaks in the US very soon. There have been multiple reports from reputable news organizations, but the reality is that so far,...

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