Meet Our Pets

Here at CGS we love animals! When you come for a visit see if you can find our pets and hear about their stories.

For those with allergies, no worries! We don’t have any live animals in the office….just lots of pictures!!!


This is Theo who is a Maine coon cat. Although he is very loving he also is a little naughty.


Meet Beau, our Golden Retriever. He is a little afraid to visit the doctor. Maybe you are too?


Wilson and Beau are best friends.


This is Charlie our guinea pig. Learn about the mystery involving him when you come to visit.


This is Jasmine the cat. We usually call her Jazzy but she has lots of other nicknames.


What do cats dream about? Ask Jack our cat.

If you have any pets or know any we would love to hear about them! You can even bring a picture and tell us a story about them. We would love to post your pictures and stories on our website!