Patient Education

How do I have previous records sent to your office or have existing records sent to a new provider?

The original medical record at any facility is the property of that facility. The information contained in that record is the property of the patient or guardian. The patient or guardian is entitled to review the chart, obtain photocopies or request release of the record to a third party upon written authorization. Most other medical facilities also require written authorization for release of their records to us. You can find both release requests in the “Forms” section of the website. There may be fees associated with release of records.


How do I pick up necessary prescriptions for my child?

Certain types of prescriptions cannot be called to a pharmacy; the parent needs to present a written prescription to the pharmacist. If you have requested such a prescription and do not want it mailed to you, you may pick the prescription up at the front desk. Wheaton Pediatrics requires that the parent/guardian or patient over 18 years old pick up prescriptions and forms personally. You will be required to sign for all medical items that are picked up from the front desk. We understand that you may not always be able to personally pick up these items. If this should happen, you need to send a signed and dated note of authorization for the person picking up the items.


At what age will you stop treating my child?

Patients over 18 years of age should plan on seeking healthcare with a medical professional trained to treat adults. We can assist you in the transfer of your records to the provider of your choice upon your written request. An exception to this is young adults who are away at college. Wheaton Pediatrics can continue to care for college students until they graduate. Upon college completion, you should plan on finding a medical provider who treats adults. All of our patients who have turned 18 years old are considered adults and have sole rights to their medical information. As an adult, they are entitled to make their own appointments, come alone to their appointment, and request health information on the phone or in person from the doctors, nurse practitioners or nursing staff of Wheaton Pediatrics without permission from a parent. Wheaton Pediatrics cannot release medical information to the parent without the patient’s written permission. If you are a college student and you want your parent to assist you in relaying information to the office, you will need to complete a consent form that will give our staff the ability to speak to your parent/s. The consent form is available for download in the “Forms” section of the website.

Do you have X-ray or lab facilities at your practice?

We do not have an X-ray facility at our location. We are, however, across the street from an Urgent Care that does have X-ray capability. Laboratory testing for a current illness can be performed at the office when your child is being seen by one of our providers. Staffing does not allow for testing needed for chronic health issues or requests from specialists. If your child needs routine testing, please take your prescription/order to a laboratory at a location that is convenient for you. If you need help locating a laboratory, please call the office and we will assist you. Your insurance plan may have restrictions regarding x-ray and laboratory facilities.  Please check with them before you have your x-rays or laboratory test completed.


What if I am running late for an appointment?

Late arrivals contribute to wait times that patients encounter at Wheaton Pediatrics. If you are unavoidably detained, we request a phone call as soon as you are aware that you will be late, giving the reason and your estimated time of arrival. Families who are 15 minutes late (or more) for their appointment may need to reschedule their child’s appointment. Additionally, late arrivals without notification may be considered as a missed appointment.


Do you have a policy regarding cancelled or missed appointments?

Appointments should be cancelled or rescheduled as early as possible. We request that appointments be cancelled or rescheduled at least 3 hours in advance for a sick appointment and the day prior for a well child appointment. Missed appointments will result in fees for the missed appointment. There are other consequences for chronically missed appointments. Please ask for a copy of the policy if you would like more details.


What do I do in case of an emergency?

We recognize that an emergency can arise, and we will do our best to respond quickly. We may recommend that you visit an Urgent Care or Emergency Room, if it is in the best interest of the patient; patient needs X-rays, sutures, re-hydration or specialized care. In the event of a severe situation, or one in which you are in doubt, go directly to the Emergency Room of the nearest hospital or call 911. The Emergency Room physician may contact us for additional information regarding the illness.


What if I cannot be at the visit and my child comes with a nanny or sitter?

We understand parents cannot be at every visit with their child. If you will not be present for your child’s visit, we ask that you please call our office and provide permission to treat.


Who do I contact after office hours?

There is always a provider on call for after-hour calls. Telephone calls to the doctor or nurse practitioner after our office is closed should be reserved for urgent issues regarding your child’s immediate condition. If you find it necessary to contact a provider for this reason, call the main number ,630.690.7300, and you will be directed to leave your phone number and a brief message. You must leave both for the automated service to relay your call to the provider. The provider will then respond at the earliest convenience. Please have a paper, pen and 24-hour pharmacy number available for the return call. Once again, this is for urgent matters only. Calls of a routine nature should be saved until the office opens in the morning.


Who do I contact for questions regarding my child’s health?

All parents are welcomed and encouraged to call with any questions regarding medical problems. We have a trained nursing staff that will return your call and discuss your concerns. Protocols have been developed and used by these nurses to evaluate your child’s problem and advise you on appropriate care or need for treatment. These nurses will also consult with the providers for feedback or direction. If necessary, a provider will call you back at the end of their day. To reach the nurse triage line call the main number, 630.690.7300, and leave a message with a receptionist. A nurse will call you back as soon as possible.

Our goal is to return phone messages within 2 to 3 hours. This time may be longer on heavier call volume days or if your call is not of an emergency nature. It is helpful for you to have a pen, paper and pharmacy name and number available when we return your call.


How do I navigate the phone system?

When we are open we answer calls live. When we are closed the prompts from our answering service can be easily followed. If a patient calls when we are open and would like to speak with a nurse, the receptionist will take a message and a nurse will return their call within 2-3 hours.

There are several areas of the office that can be reached through the phone system. Dial the main number, 630.690.7300, and listen carefully to the message at each prompt for required information. Please speak slowly, clearly and spell all names. Someone from each department will return your call, if you need to leave a message.

*Please note: This website can be accessed by using MDHub for well child appointments, prescription renewals, test results, referrals and to leave a general non-emergency, non-medical comment or question. A staff member will contact you by phone regarding these requests.

Press 1: To speak with a receptionist and schedule appointments

Press 3: For the Nursing Department

1: To leave a message for a nurse, regarding a health question
2: To request lab and test results
3: To request a medication refill
4: To leave results of your child’s TB test
5: To request school physical forms and therapy requests
6: To leave a message for the nurse managers

Press 4: To speak with a member of the Billing Department

The accounts are divided alphabetically:
1: For last names A-H
2: For last names I-Q
3: For last names R-Z

Press 5: For a referral (Check link under Resources for instructions)

Press 6: For medical records


How do I schedule an appointment?

When we are open we answer calls live. When we are closed the prompts from our answering service can be easily followed. If a patient calls when we are open and would like to speak with a nurse, the receptionist will take a message and a nurse will return their call within 2-3 hours.

All appointments can be scheduled by calling 630.690.7300, option #1.

Well child visit appointments can be scheduled with our reception staff during office hours.

If your child has a new onset illness, such as sore throat, ear pain, rash, up all night crying, etc., they can be seen in “Sick Call.” Appointments for “Sick Call” are scheduled on the same day only. There are two blocks of time designated for “Sick Call,” one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Two providers rotate through “Sick Call” each day. Patients are not assigned a specific provider for these visits. These appointments are for acute issues only. If a patient has other ongoing issues, they will be asked to schedule another appointment.

*Please note: The reception staff can only make appointments 4 hours out. If you are calling in the morning for an afternoon appointment, please leave a message on the Nurse Call Back line, option #3.

Children with ongoing health problems, such as chronic headaches, asthma, abdominal pain, etc., will be scheduled with a specific provider, and these appointments can be made several days out, as well as the same day if there is availability. These appointments require additional time with the provider.

Only the child with an appointment time will be seen. If you feel that you would like another child seen also, please contact the office before arrival to see if that request can be accommodated.

Patients who walk in without an appointment time will be assisted in making an appointment for the next available time.

If you will be seeing us for the first time, please see the “Appointments” section of this website to print off the necessary forms for new patients (registration, health history and HIPAA forms). Please bring these along with your insurance card to the visit. There will be one additional HIPAA form that you will need to sign at the office.

*Please note: HIPAA is a federal law designed to protect personal health information. Wheaton Pediatrics works diligently to comply with this law. If you have any questions regarding your child’s health information and this law, please call 630.690.7300 and ask for the Wheaton Pediatrics Privacy Officer.



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