Is it Safe to Send My Child Back to Daycare, Camp, or Sports?

01 Jun Is it Safe to Send My Child Back to Daycare, Camp, or Sports?

By: Susan Sirota, MD

Most of you have been sheltering in place for over two months and you are well aware that being “stuck” at home with little ones or big ones has not been easy. Many of you have found yourselves with no break from the double duty of work and parenting for weeks on end and our children find themselves really missing their friends and activities. 

With Illinois moving into Phase 3 of the COVID-19 Pandemic, the most common question we are now being asked is whether it is ok to send children back to daycare, off to summer camp or back to sports. We hope this blog along with guidance from your PediaTrust doctors and nurse practitioners will help you make these important decisions.

Like all decisions about health and safety, this one needs to take into consideration your family and its unique situation. We are learning that children are less likely to acquire COVID-19 than adults and are less likely to spread the infection, but there is still risk and especially so if you have family members with health concerns.

So what should you be asking as you think about your child attending any of these programs:

  • How will they be monitoring children and staff for illness? How will they respond to illness that develops while in attendance?
  • How many children will be in each group, how many adults with each group and will these groups always stay together?
  • What is the overall social distancing plan?
  • Will masks be required and if so for what ages and what circumstances?
  • What will drop off and pick up look like in order to limit contact and maintain social distance?
  • What are the cleaning protocols and how will this be different?
  • How will eating on site be handled? Will food be prepared on site? Will groups be maintained for meals?
  • How will use of toys, sports equipment, playground and recreational equipment be handled?

We know that children who attend these programs will develop illness, fortunately most will not have COVID-19. As always, we want to hear from you if your child is sick. At PediaTrust, we are here when you need us.

For more information regarding guidance for daycares, camps and sports see the CDC recommendations.

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