What A Lactation Consultant Can Do For New Parents

13 Jan What A Lactation Consultant Can Do For New Parents

What A Lactation Consultant Can Do For New Parents 


No matter how prepared you may be, becoming a new mom is a constant learning process. Right from the start, you find that questions are constantly popping up, changes are occurring more and more quickly, and you may find yourself wondering why certain things are happening and why certain others aren’t.

One of the most important concepts to think about when it comes to your new bundle of joy is the feeding process. Lucky for you, our lactation consultants are here to guide you along the way and address each of your concerns. Each of our consultants is Internationally Board Certified, meaning that they passed a rigorous exam and were certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners. This not only means that they know everything there is to know about the lactation process, but that they are also internationally recognized for their knowledge, skills, and most of all, care.

We sat down with Chana Goldstein, RN, IBCLC, our Lactation Services Coordinator, to find out more about new moms, breastfeeding, and what happens during a lactation consultation:


Why do new parents visit a lactation consultant?

Some common concerns include:

  • Difficult or painful latch
  • Sore nipples
  • Engorgement
  • Prematurity
  • Late preterm babies
  • Low milk production, slow weight gain in the baby
  • And over-supply and/or fast letdown 


What can you expect from a lactation consultation?

We can see you to review the basics of breastfeeding, to reassure you that breastfeeding is going well, or for a specific problem you are having with breastfeeding. The consultation includes a thorough history and assessment of the mother and baby, as well as pre and post-feeding weights. This helps us determine how much milk the baby transfers while breastfeeding. Based on this information, we will then provide you with a care plan to help you meet your personal breastfeeding goals.

What happens after your initial consultation?

We are available throughout your breastfeeding journey whenever questions or concerns arise.  The plan based on our consultation is shared with the baby’s primary care provider to ensure continuity of care. Follow up appointments can also be scheduled to reassess and to revise the plan as needed.

How long do these visits last?

The initial consultation is usually 90 minutes long and follow-up visits usually go for about 1 hour.

Where does the consultation take place?

We see new mothers and their babies in many convenient locations including Addison, Arlington Heights, Barrington, Grayslake, Highland Park, Schaumburg, Wheaton, and Winnetka.


For more information on our lactation services, please visit https://pediatrust.com/services/lactation-services/.

To schedule an appointment, please call your pediatrician’s office. To speak to a lactation consultant with an urgent question, please call 847-579-9237.


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